Thursday, June 29, 2017

Winter Camp 2017: ABR Trails, Ironwood, MI

The NDSU Nordic Skiing clubs went to ABR in Ironwood, Michigan over winter break in January 2017. We spent three days skiing and raced at the Sisu Ski Fest! Even though it was really cold, everyone had a ton of fun. We are hoping to go back again this year!

NDSU Nordic Ski Club at ABR Trails January, 2017

David cutting up onions for our chili, which was dinner on the second day

Landon, David, and Matt skiing
Chris, Collin, Mitch (in background), and Hailey
Collin, Chris, and Amanda

Jeff, Matt, David, and Landon enjoying the trails at ABR

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Frostival Fun!

  This year the NDSU Nordic Ski Teams participated in Fargo's first ever Frostival Celebration. This event highlights all that winter and Fargo have to offer and that sometimes cold and cool go hand in hand. The Frostival features events like Snowga (Snow Yoga), a Snow Disc Golf Tournament, Cardboard Sled Races, a mobile sauna, and a Cross Country Ski Race! 
The North of Normal Cross Country Ski Races were held at Edgewood Golf Course and consisted of classic and skate, youth and adult races of varying length. Most of the NDSU Team members chose to ski in both 5k classic and 9k skate races. This race was also special because we were fortunate enough to compete with our adviser Kelly! 
 The night before the race we had our first ever pre-race spaghetti dinner at Tammy's apartment right after waxing. Tammy cooked up a delicious meal of spaghetti, salad, fruit, garlic bread, and Rice Krispie Bars. 

The team did really well at both races with NDSU Skiers taking the top spots in classic and skate races for the under 29 age group! Overall we had an awesome time and can't wait for next year's Frostival. 

Saturday, January 16, 2016

2016 Holiday Camp!

This year our team traveled to Brainerd, MN for our annual holiday camp. We spent the Thursday through Sunday at Heather Yelle's family cabin on Lake Alexandria. Despite the cold temperatures we were able to spend some time skiing on the lake near the cabin and at the Northland Arboretum.
During the times we weren't skiing we played lots of board games, did some sledding, and ate lots of delicious food!
We also spent plenty of time messing around on our skis.
And trying to try some cool new tricks.
We also watched the Bison Game and cheered on our team in Frisco, Texas.
Overall we had an awesome time and we are super pumped for the 2016 Race Season to start!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Adam Kempenich Receives Student Organization Leader of the Year and Ben Koenig Receives Honorable Mention

Proud of the leadership in our clubs! Adam is being recognized for his leadership with the Bison Information Network and Ben for his leadership with the NDSU Nordic Skiing Clubs.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Nomination of the Women's Club for Student Organization of the Year


I would like to nominate the Women's Nordic Skiing Club as the Student Organization of the year.
The reason they should be nominated is because they have grown in membership and also competed at a high level this past season.

The 2013-2014 year was only the second year of the Women's Nordic team being in existence and they have already made great strides. They had twelve women deeply involved this year that participated in races.
Highlights from the race season includes one of their skiers placing third in the City of Lakes Loppet Puoli 20 kilometer race. This race takes place in Minneapolis, MN and had 92 other women competing.

At the Pepsi Challenge race located at Giant's Ridge Ski Resort in Biwabik, MN the women took the top three places in their 19-24 year age group. This was a 24 kilometer race.

The women also had a first place finisher at the Minnesota Finlandia in Bemidji, MN. This race is one of the oldest races in Minnesota and was a 25 kilometer race.

As a team the Women finished third in the inaugural Viral Cross Country Race League. The viral league is a competition made up of college skiing clubs located in the Midwest. The schools competing were University of Wisconsin, University of North Dakota, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities, University of Minnesota - Duluth, Michigan Tech, Carleton College, College of St. Benedict, and Winona State. This was a season long series in which points were earned based on the finishing place of skiers from their respective school.
Women's Nordic has competed well as a team but they also are made up of responsible members who take their school work very seriously. Leaving for races revolved around class schedules to make sure their members could go to class and accomplish their school work.

Please let me know if you need any additional information.

Ben Koenig

Nomination of Ben Koenig for Student Organization Leader of the Year

Dear Hilary,

Regarding the nomination for the Student Organization Leader of the Year, we can think of no one more qualified or deserving than the President of the Men’s Nordic Skiing Club.

Ben Koenig came to NDSU four years ago after having participated in cross country skiing all throughout high school. He found soon enough that college was just not the same without the competitive drive that skiing provided. Having met a classmate that also shared his love and passion for skiing competitively, they began discussing the possibility of starting a club. Later that year, they succeeded.

The first year was a building year, and only a few skiiers found interest in the club. After the first season, Ben learned of the advertisement opportunities around campus and was able to spread the word about the club. The second year, the club doubled in size. Up until this point, this club was still referred to as the NDSU Nordic Skiing Club. Following the exponential growth of the club, Ben suggested the option of splitting the club into men’s and women’s.

This year has marked the second year of the official split between the Men’s and Women’s clubs. The clubs continue to grow, nearly doubling in size every year. Skiing is a fairly expensive sport that puts a large burden on students as well as their families. Ben saw this problem and came up with a solution. With help from the vice president, who is also a great asset to the club, they were able to put together proposals for skiing equipment that will benefit new members for years to come. 

Ben is a natural leader and a genuinely caring person. He has been an amazing role model to all members of the club throughout the past four years. Before leaving for races, he makes sure that the skiers participating are well trained on the etiquette required when representing NDSU. He is always “pumping up” skiers before the races by either singing an inspirational, yet slightly out of pitch song, or leading the team in an amusing pre-race, “Go Bison” cheer. 

Ben is deserving of this award due to all of the above reasons. His hard work, passion, and love for helping others has made him an amazing leader over the past four years. 

The NDSU Men’s Nordic Skiing Club, as well as the Women’s Club, will genuinely miss Ben’s charismatic leadership and helpfulness in the years to come. 

Respectfully submitted,
Nicole Thorndal (President, NDSU Women’s Nordic Skiing Club)
Leah Miller (Vice President, NDSU Women’s Nordic Skiing Club)
Morgan Martin (Treasurer, NDSU Women’s Nordic Skiing Club)